Collaborating for a healthier community

In 2011, the HSC agencies involved with health care services in Georgetown County formed a collaborative to  inventory health care resources in our community, identify service gaps and redundancies and develop strategies to close those gaps as much as possible.

This work enabled the team to identify their focus areas.  

1.  Access to care for the uninsured

2.  Prevention of diabetes

3.  Diabetes management

4.  Access to behavioral health care

5.  Early detection of breast cancer in low-income, uninsured population

The team is thrilled about the measurable progress made against 10 strategic initiatives in these focus areas:

  • Our neighbors without insurance are getting access to medical care, including primary, specialty and behavioral health care.through a coordinated, centralized hub, Tidelands Community Care Network.  
  • Evidence-based programs to prevent diabetes have been implemented throughout the county with great success.  One group achieved an overall BMI reduction of 5%!
  • People already diagnosed with diabetes are getting control of their health at unprecedented levels through new support groups, fitness collaborations and education programs..  
  • To address a 40% no-show rate for screening mammorgrams, women receiving support (such as transportation vouchers)  to ensure they are able to keep those appointments.   

For more information about this collaborative or any of these initiatives, please contact a team member, listed below.


Health Collaborative

Sandra Gilliard, CEO St. James Santee Family Health Center

Anne Faul, CEO Smith Free Clinic

Linda Bonesteel, Director of Community Health Resources

Kisha Guess, Director of Waccamaw Mental Health Georgetown 

Kenton Hungerpillar, Assistant Director, Tidelands Health Group Business Office

Lora Martin, CHR Manager Care Transitions

Naomi Kent, TCCN Behavioral Health Manager 

Lexie Johnson, Grant and Project Manager

Nick McClary, Clinical Services Manager/Physical Therapist, Tidelands HealthPoint