Georgetown County Career Connection


The Georgetown County Career Connection (GC3) is a collaborative effort of area agencies to promote the movement of individuals and families from unemployment (or underemployment) to stable employment that promotes well –being for individuals, families and communities. Taking advantage of the resources and programs of partner agencies (A Father’s Place, Friendship Place, Helping Hands of Georgetown and Palmetto Goodwill, GC3 is committed to an effort that leads to living wage jobs that represent the skills and training needed for win/win results for employees and employers. 

Target Population

     · Unemployed or underemployed individuals experiencing poverty or at risk of poverty*

     · 18 years of age and older

     · Able and committed to gainful employment

*Census data indicates 12,000 people in Georgetown County live in poverty; setting aside the children, the disabled and elderly, along with those who are employed in full-time jobs, it is likely that there are well over 1,000 adults in our community who live in poverty and are able to work, but are currently unemployed.

The Program

GC3 seeks to promote full time employment, employment retention and advancement, earning potential and the personal fulfillment of participants. Viewing the larger community, this program aims to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the region’s economy.  

Launched in 2016, this collaborative program offers monthly, intensive employment preparation and training programs alongside a year-long curriculum of support for, and investment in, those committed to securing independent, stable lives. 

     · Job Readiness Boot Camps are offered monthly in Georgetown and every other month in Andrews

     · The My Career Path program meets weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 (supper and childcare included)

We believe our focus on immediate employment placement leading to personal and career growth (a living wage) is essential to providing opportunities for our neighbors to break the cycle of poverty.

Over the 20 month period (August 2017-June 2018), our collaborative employment and career path program has placed 138 unemployed individuals in jobs with a 6-month job retention rate of 80% and a 12-month job retention rate of 70%.

To enroll in our monthly job readiness Boot Camp or for additional information about this program, contact one of the following:

Teon Singletary (Helping Hands of Georgetown) at

Tasha Smith (Helping Hands of Georgetown) at

Gladys Rutlegdge (Friendship Place) at

Ronald McInnis (A Fathers Place) at

Tish Cromley (Palmetto Goodwill) at

Success Stories

Kashayla Beckmon

  Kashayla Beckmon is a single mom with two children ages 4 and 2 years old. She graduated from Helping Hands collaborative employment program (Georgetown Career Connections) in November of 2017. With patience and perseverance, she became employed three months later with Georgetown Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission as an Administrative Assistant.

Kashayla is committed to her future and that of her children. She is currently attending Howard Adult Ed in hopes to obtain her GED in May of 2018. She has recently obtained her Driver’s License and her hopes and dreams are to one day own a towing company. She is currently saving so she can one day purchase a vehicle for her family. 

Kashayla truly believes that if you really want something then you must work hard and go after it until you have obtain it. Daily, she encourages herself by speaking life and hope into her future as well as acting upon it 

Kashayla is a faithful participant of our My Career Path program (weekly class sponsored by Helping Hands), where she has learn the tools and techniques in order to live intentionally. When Kashayla first started the class, she was shy and nervous and felt as if she didn’t belong there. She has since changed her way of thinking and now she has opened up and is able to share her story. She now knows what her vision and purpose is in life and she is working towards fulfilling it.

We are so proud of Kashayla’s accomplishments and we look forward to what the future has in store for her 

David King

David King

David King lived in Seattle, WA. He was estranged from his wife who became pregnant and

  David King lived in Seattle, WA. He was estranged from his wife who became pregnant and subsequently moved back to her hometown of Georgetown South Carolina. Approximately 8 months later David uprooted himself, drove cross country to Georgetown and set up residence in order to be closer as well as be involved in his child’s life. 

David struggled early on with building relationships locally, working out visitation with his daughter and a dwindling bank account. During his time of distress he spotted A Fathers Place number on the side of their van and learned about their program which included Georgetown Career Connections. This collaboration consists of Helping Hands, Goodwill, Friendship Place and A Father’s Place, and is responsible for putting on a weeklong employment boot camp and providing follow-up with career coaches. 

David graduated from employment boot camp, has been gainfully employed for nine months and is now working with The College of Charleston media and marketing department.

Just as importantly, David has successfully secured visitation rights to spend time with his daughter and is building an amicable relationship with the child’s mother. David has expressed his gratitude on several occasions for the assistance he received from the Georgetown Career Connections and A Father’s Place. In the words of David “I am in the best place mentally and physically of my life”. David’s plans for the future is to continue to establish a connection with his daughter, become more familiar with the area and meet new friends.