About the HSC

The HSC is a group of non-profit agencies that work with Georgetown County residents, businesses, civic and philanthropic organizations who recognize that the quality of life is driven by more than household income.  Quality of life is reliant on hope, empowerment, social connection, family, faith and more.  

The HSC believes everyone should have an opportunity to succeed.   We are currently working to improve access to healthcare, increase availability of safe and affordable housing, improve our area’s ability to recover from disasters and increase opportunities to achieve financial stability. We will accomplish these tasks while ensuring that a safety net exists to meet basic human needs.  

HSC Purpose

To be a voice for the populations we serve in communicating community needs

To identify and communicate human service resources available to serve those populations

To facilitate collaboration between various agencies to most effectively deploy resources to meet human service needs, especially in those areas where services gaps are identified

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Welcome to Georgetown HSC

In 2010, over 50 non-profit and government agencies came together to discuss how to improve delivery of human services in Georgetown County.  Their goal was lofty - these agencies wanted to organize in a collaborative way that would truly transform clients' lives from dependence on "the system" to self-sufficiency.  These initial discussions and meetings led to the formation of the Human Services Collaborative (HSC).

From the beginning, active members experienced "quick wins" from the new level of collaboration.  Members have particularly valued:

  • Being "in the know" about new and existing resources available in the community
  • Better coordination of existing services to avoid duplication and increase efficiency
  • Improved ability to respond to urgent client needs
  • Committees formed to concentrate efforts in agreed-upon focus areas. 

Currently, the HSC has focused efforts in four areas   Career Readiness and Development, Health, Food Insecurity and Nutrition, Housing and Disaster Resilience.   Cliick on the website tabs to learn more.  

We would love for your agency to join us.  Please use the  contact us page to reach us.  We look forward to working with you.